This site is dedicated to my ever loving bratty children, my tolerant husband and well to my friends who support me in so many ways even when we don't speak for years. Cheers - to the beautiful and not so beautiful passings in our lives. In other words - those moments when life is painful and all you can do is laugh until you cry (or pee)!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh my where to begin??

OK - here we go:

Me - I have been busy with my internship now for a couple of weeks and things have been hectic... I am treating domestic violence offenders and it has been interesting. Society has a view of these guys like they are all sitting around in "wife beater" t-shirts and hate women. NOT TRUE, most of these guys are normal guys that just need to learn proper responses to anger and frustration. There are some that society would mark as typical but most of them seem to be truly interested in changing their ways - I am excited to be part of their journey!
I am only working 75 hours per week - Yippee, only 50 more weeks of this and I will be graduated!!

I have also been running the kids to appointments and I got frustrated because nobody had convenient appointment times that fit my schedule. After getting mad though I realized that the only convenient time for appointments was after 7pm on Saturday nights. My doctors office and the dentist office tout convenient appointment times - but not in my book. I suddenly realized that there AREN'T any convenient times anymore.

I decided to take some time out and go get a manicure pedicure at one of the asian shops by our house, I was enjoying myself (not really, having someone rip your cuticles off is Not very relaxing). I was in a state of calm when the lady said "you wan eyebow wax? you uppose to hab two" it was at this moment I realized that I have been too busy for beauty regimine and yes... I had one eyebrow - not two... That's ok though, I will pluck them while in traffic on my way to work :)

Mallory - She has been doing SO well. She slipped up once and now if grounded for an indefinite amount of time, but she knows that she made some bad choices and just needs to do a little more work on herself...

Amber - Well, Amber started taking medication to lessen the anxiety that causes her to act strange when she is nervous. The medication works well, except for extreme circumstances such as the hamsters getting out... Mallory bought a new hamster that was small enough to get out of the cage. So we had 2 hamsters on the loose, with 3 cats in the house.
Amber was in the bathroom (going #2) and the hamster ran under the door of the bathroom. Of course the logical thing to do in Ambers world is to stand up tackle the hamster and squeeze it to her chest and run to Mom screaming (pants not quite up yet - oh and she didn't have time to wipe).
So she finds me in the garage and is screaming and holding her chest and crying - of course I immediately think she is hurt as she is grasping her chest. She finally says "hammmmster"!!!!!! So we get the hamster back into our smaller cage and set out to find the other one. As we are looking Amber peeks under the dresser - begins screaming, hits her head on the drawer and starts to hyperventilate. I could care less about the hamster, Amber was about to pass out, all I could do was tell her to breathe while I caught the hamster. Now we have both hamsters in a small cage and then realized we have now put a boy and a girl hamster in the same cage. I will look forward to blogging about our newborn dwarf hamsters....

Tyler - Tyler is doing really well, he is getting good grades and enjoying living with us (I think..). It is always hard to tell with teenage boys what they are thinking. They generally don't listen until you say something like "star-wars" or "transformers". He got grounded for the first time, which he handled well - he was grounded from video games and well without them - he went to bed at 6:00pm...

Ron - Poor Ron, he has been working his job and fixing every virus ridden computer that has landed in our bedroom..... Keep in mind he no longer has an office so he has spent a lot of time in Tylers room fixing computers. Ron has also had his hands full with the cars; he has replaced the "rack" of the focus (sounds like it got a boob job). I also took the Volvo in for an alignment and oil change and was informed that my car needed new brakes and rotors (no problem it's only going to be an extra $800). So, Ron being Ron is going to do the work himself, after all the parts are only $250.

OK - NOW the big news for Ron, he is so excited to have purchased a Lexus engine for the 4-runner, he is going to use a chevy transmission to make his Toyota capable of hauling a "truggy" which will be mine when we are 4-wheeling. Yes, this sounds insane to me too, a 22 year old truck with at least 1 part from every make of car BUT Ford. But this is what Ron enjoys doing in his free time. Truck parts are like crack cocaine for him.

Talk to you all soon...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Guitar Hero, Hannah Montana and AC/DC

How good do you sleep? Well, it depends if you have kids (older ones). I am SO glad the kids are back in school. Over Christmas break I repeatedly tried to sleep through all the kids in the house; here is a peek of their activities:

Tyler: Playing Guitar Hero at full volume...
Mallory: Listening to AC/DC at full volume to drown out guitar hero
Amber: Watching 4,000 episodes of the same Hannah Montana show, giving her own concert..
All of them: Fighting non-stop at volumes above all items listed above
All of them: Playing World Wide Wrestling in my living room and then crying because they got hurt!

Although it is tough to sleep; I LOVE the sounds of a house full kids - at least they are home and not off getting in trouble.

Also, I am hereby toasting the teachers of the world that now have the children everyday until Spring break!!

Love you all...

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Split pants & Internships


This is my best christmas memory for this year! A day with the girls in Conifer opening gifts, eating food, drunk roller-skating and just laughing, crying and having fun!

My best gift: A beautiful pink blanket made by Lance - a man who is redefining who he is, a master crafter! Not sure how to turn the picture - so turn your head...


OK so things have been interesting in the last two weeks.

I went to my interview for an internship at Parker, Froyd and Associates. They are a Forensic Psychology group working with Court Ordered Clients.

I was so nervous about the interview I actually pulled over on the way there and threw up EWE!! I was careful not to blow chunks on my suit jacket, but my breath was atrocious so I put gum in my mouth, forgot to take it out and almost choked on it in the lobby........... YIKES, I am dying for this internship but I was worried I was going to die in their lobby...

After I gained my composure I walked into the interview and I must say - the Gods are not crazy today - they are amazing. This place is an interns dream, they actually seem to want to help me go from a baby therapist to a big girl. They are going to help me get certified by the DVOMB (Domestic Violence Offender Management Board) which is no small task. They are willing to offer me the hours I want (2 evenings a week, all day friday and 1 saturday a month)... I am in awe of how things are coming together. Thank you to all of you who summoned whatever higher power you beleive in and sent good thoughts my way..

I am not being a narcissist by putting a picture of myself (a bad picture) on my blog - I am only letting you all see what I look like since you may not see me for a year (because of my internship) and I am sure the after picture will look like the next photo...

Oh my - I am going to be tired...........

OH MY! I went to get in the car last night to go to the chiropractor and the seat felt awfully warm (I have heated seats). I go into the chiropractor and lay face down on the table when my oh so smooth husband says "Honey you need new pants" what he failed to tell me was that my ENTIRE ASS was hanging out!!!!

After a bright red giggle or two the chiropractor says he has seen it all (You bet he has ALL OF MY ASS). So as he is adjusting me, they rip some more. My only saving thought is "Thank god I didn't wear a thong, or better yet, go commando." So I get ready to leave walking out of the building as proud as can be that I... am not afraid to let the world see my Hello Kitty underwear.

  • Spend some time writing all of my Oh so fun adventures, so I may never forget them - and tell the world about them.
  • Work my rear end off at my internship (Translation: See you all next year!).
  • Spend lots of quality time with the kids (Translation: Room searches and discipline) - I am hoping to help Amber with her anxiety by spending more time with her...... when I can find some.
  • Keep in touch at least over the phone once per month with every one of my friends.
  • Thank my husband daily for taking me and all of my adventures in stride and loving me anyway!
  • Be nicer to people (not nice..... just nicer).