This site is dedicated to my ever loving bratty children, my tolerant husband and well to my friends who support me in so many ways even when we don't speak for years. Cheers - to the beautiful and not so beautiful passings in our lives. In other words - those moments when life is painful and all you can do is laugh until you cry (or pee)!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

It runs, It climbs and OZZFest

Ok - for those of you that took bets on whether the 4-Runner would end it life as a "4-Sitter" now it is time to pay up or collect.

Ron and I took the truck on a trail over Mt. Evans.... it was fun - even more so because it needs shocks...... It drove great, the seat belts work well too, some of the trail was a bit rough and the seat belt kept me in my seat!

Ron was somewhat skeptical about the steering and in fact had an entire steering assembly in the back of the truck "just in case" we had to replace it on the trail. We thought the trail would only take a couple of hours, but it ended up being more like 5-6 hours - all a super fun time!!

All right - time to call your bookie and pay up!!!!!!!

Mallory went to Ozzfest yesterday - Ron made her SUPER happy and got 9 tickets so she could invite her friends.... Ron even let her take the car while grounded... we were laughing when she called us at midnight and somehow had gotten lost driving, the concert was at Fiddlers Green (Coors Amplitheatre) and she somehow was at Havana and Alameda....... We realized that she doesn't know North, South, East and West at night when she can't see the mountains.... It took a while to talk her through it, but she made it home by 1 am.....

Ron and I have since given in to her inadequacies of direction and installed a compass and a road atlas in her car..... we will find out if she can read the atlas on her next adventure out in the car!!

She currently hates us because next week the GPS is being hardwired into her car along with a camera installed on the rearview mirror - thanks to our insurance company the camera records all sudden activity inside and outside of the car and sends a report to us...... In addition the GPS will email text Ron if her speed exceeds 75 MPH, we set it there knowing that at 80MPH the wheels will likely have a sudden departure from our little Ford Focus... OH TO BE A TEENAGER in the year 2007!!

We had a friend take some pictures of the trail (Proof that the truck really did go on it, for those of you skeptical that we towed it up there and parked it on the road to take pictures, we will attempt to include video) I will post them when we get them.......... Love you all!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mallory's trial

AHHHH....... Another blissful day bonding with my teenager.

She plead guilty to a lessor charge of "Illegal Dumping", agreed to 3 months of probation (Juvenile Diversion) and fines that they still cannot give us an amount.

She has an appointment with the probation department on August 10th and if we agree to the penalities they want to impose she will go back to court on August 20th to either start the process over or have the judge sign off on the agreement that probation sets such as: community service, an essay explaining why she won't do it again and OF COURSE fines.

So no, the saga is not yet over.

However, we were rather entertained by a man throwing a chair because the judge would not throw out his domestic violence charges. We also ran into a family member, it was good bonding time.

I am hoping that soon Mallory will earn her angel wings and turn out to be a good girl - however, she informed me that her previous angel wings got caught in her horns and came off.

In other news, Ambers eyebrows are coming along nicely, the green sharpie she used to draw them back on is slowly wearing off as well.

Love and kisses from the craziest household in Littleton!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Where have I been?? & Amber shaved off her eyebrows

Ok so sorry for the brief vacation from blogging. Here are some of the highlights of the last month:

1. Amber was playing beauty shop and shaved off "most" of her eyebrows.. This of course has been devastating to all of us as holding in the laughter has given the entire family minor heart attacks and some very sore ribs... She will recover although she does look like a house elf and is hard to look at for more than a second or two...

2. I was very sick.... All at once I had a Sinus Infection (Snot running continuously down the back of my throat) making my nose stuffed up so I could not breath through it, at the same time I had Acute Bronchitis (Snot trying to come up my throat) and making it hard to breath through my mouth. THE KICKER - was Strep throat causing my throat to swell and tickle. THE COMBINATION was a snot traffick jam in my throat made me one scary, whiny and irratable woman who could only sleep and gasp for air.... Pay no mind to the major Nicotine fits because unless I could smoke through my ears, it wasn't happening.

3. Mallory passed her driving test and we are happy to report that we NEVER have to ride in the car with her again. However, we are depending on all of you to keep an eye out for a dark Gray Ford Focus that is driving like a mad bat.... please call us to report her driving skills or lack thereof.... We are all safe until August 1st though, as she is already grounded from her license... OH to be a teenager.

4. We went up to my Step Moms cabin in Grandby to go boating and relax. The most relaxing part was being on the center of the lake in a severe lightening storm.. OOPS. We did survive mostly intact, other than our wits which were fried.

5. I purchased the new Harry Potter book at Midnight at a Grand Hallows ball. However, I was stuck in line with Amber who was excitedly talking and spit into the lady in line behind us's eye... Of course, Amber laughed feverishly instead of apologizing... I did have a rather charming young man in front of me that was very interesting, however all charms were lost when he asked me for my phone number (HELLO I HAVE A WEDDING RING)........ I kindly replied with "I could give you my husbands number, he looks something like Hagrid". All conversation ceased immediately...

6. I miss all of my friends at Qwest, it is always a promise to keep in touch but inevitably life changes and people get busy.... Oh how I miss the laughs and the doughnuts.

I am sure now that life is back on track and our near death and near loss of eyebrow experiences are fading I will be able to blog more.... An update on the blog Thursday for sure after Mallory's trial....

See you all - Love you all!!