This site is dedicated to my ever loving bratty children, my tolerant husband and well to my friends who support me in so many ways even when we don't speak for years. Cheers - to the beautiful and not so beautiful passings in our lives. In other words - those moments when life is painful and all you can do is laugh until you cry (or pee)!

Friday, March 23, 2007

TO All of my friends

Not in order of importance of course:

Ellen - you are an amazing person with so much love and strength. You really are a woman to be admired with all you are going through - you are resilient - I love that about you!

Misty - you are the woman of all women, working so hard in law school and making it look easy - that is what olympians do - make the impossible look easy. You are a courageous woman with so much talent. I love you girl!!

Carrie - You are so much a part of my thoughts. You are intelligent, beautiful and a fabulous friend - I love your sense of humor and your ability to be strong. You are incredible!

Marilyn - You are such a great lady! I enjoy your antics about work and marriage (or lack of it). I appreciate you "taking care of me" when there were times no one else could.

Juliet - I really enjoyed working with you, you are so funny - I was happy that you found your true love. I enjoy our fun times at dinner and just being girls.

Leah - Although I don't know you well, I do know that you are strong, funny and have a fabulous sense of humor - Love that!!

Marlaine - Holy moly - you are one great lady, you have so much compassion (even though you are from New York) and you really connect with kids. I know you are making a huge difference in the lives of many - including mine. Your man is one lucky guy...... Good luck with the wedding plans.

Ami - I love the way you cut my hair, hold it out of the toilet when I drink too much (the good old days) and give me a good friend to sling my "crap" at when I am mad. I also enjoy your attempts to teach me to cook and keep me from accidentally killing my family.

Melody - You are a great person to have in my family. You are supportive and kind, but learning to stand up for yourself and what you want. That is huge! You are resilient and wonderful. Love you lots.

Julia & Dano - Oh my the memories, my teenage years were definately interesting but I cannot imagine how different (awful) they would have been without you. Wow - things can change. I think you could qualify for mother of the year, I am really impressed with Sara she is lucky to have parents like you an Dano. Keep up the good work... See you on easter.

Rich & Beth - You have a beautiful family and a great home. I really enjoy laughing with you on the holidays. See you at Easter. Beth - I think it is awesome how much you like motorcycles - I wish I was courageous enough to ride one - but lets face it, I can't even ride a bicycle.

Adrienne - You are hilarious. You are so down to earth, honest and a darn good friend. We don't see each other enough but that's ok - friends are forever no matter how often you see them. You should get Artist of the year.

Daddeo - I really love our talks and listening to your political views. I enjoy our building a bridge over the muddy water of the past. Can't wait to see you again.

Momma Jen - You are such a beautiful lady. Thanks for you laughs and good times. Sorry I always cook salmon.. It is the only recipe I know that doesn't send people to the hospital.

Shelly - I am so happy to have you as my sister (in law) you make me laugh and I enjoy hanging out with you and Chris and the girls. I also love the fact that only you can cure my migraines. Maybe I should call you Dr. Dominy.

Momma Sandy - I can't tell you how much I enjoyed being boiled, baked and beaten with you at the salon. You always give the greatest gifts. I enjoy laughing and playing Wii with you and Mark. I also appreciate all the food you cook; especially since you don't expect me to cook well for you. Thank you for your son!

Cindy - Oh my..... you make me laugh. You are a funny sister, a courageous sister and a good sister. I look forward to many more years of giggles and antique shopping. Love you sis!

Angie - How could I ever repay you for being you! The years of you teaching me to smoke (BURP) and the fun talks. Thanks for sharing your dad with me. We will always be sista's.

Ron - Wow babe - you are the most incredible man. I love the way you love the girls like your own. Love me unconditionally (Since I am far from the "perfect" wife). You accept my quarks and my sleeping habits. You are my rock babe. I love you so much - for ever and ever!!

Dana - I really enjoy having such a cool neighbor - you guys are a great model for good parents, good neighbors and well - DAMN good people. I am looking forward to a summer of fun hanging out with the kids in the cul de sac. Thank for always being willing to loan us weird food items.... It amazes me how you bought the house next door and we have a connection from the past. You are great peoples!!

I really love you all - thanks for being part of my life!!!!!!!!!

What makes us grumpy

Ok so after more than $50,000 in education in psychology you would think I could figure out why there are times people are just grumpy....

I realized that it is generally my own "stuff" that causes grumpiness. For example, I take the girls to the store and I am in a great mood - I can't wait to re-stock the house with food that didn't expire before my birth. Well, by the end of the trip I am pissed off and really hating life - ALL IN LESS THAN AN HOUR my outlook on life went from great to get me the hell out of here!!

I decided to reflect on my feeling (sorry - I will stop the annoying counselor talk) so I came home and rethought the previous hour. Here is what sent me from great to pissed off in 1 hour flat:

4:30pm - Arrive at the store (Daughter driving, can't park without someone dying so she parks as far out in the parking lot as possible). I tripped over a littered cup on the way in the door, of course quickly scanning to see if anyone was laughing at me.

4:31pm - Get into the store and go to get a shopping cart (They are all stuck to each other like a puzzle - this has got to be a joke) I finally wrestle one free and there is some form of substance (most likely snot from the previous child chewing on the bar). I go to grab one of the nice "free" disinfectant wipes the store offers and the bottle is empty. So I wipe the mysterious snot on my pants EWE!!

4:35pm - We enter the actual store and immediately Amber is asking how much money I have in my pocket because she wants something out of those stupid $0.50 vending machines. I have exactly 50 cents, give it to her, the machine eats one of the quarters and now I have to listen to her whine because she didn't get anything. This is a conspiracy by the store since now I have to buy her a toy or something.

4:37pm - Amber is now off and running with the "can I have this', "mom, you have to see this isn't it cool, "mom, can we buy a drink" OK - so I gave into the can I buy a drink bit. So Amber picks up what she calls "SOAP" which is actually "SOBE", I don't pay any attention, she opens it and starts drinking it. No big deal right.... OK until I actually look at it and it is a HIGH ENERGY DRINK......... OH CRAP!!!!! So less than 10 minutes later Amber is running, jumping and screaming "MOM COME LOOK AT THIS - CAN I HAVE THIS, PPPPPLLLLLLLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE???????

4:47pm - I am starting to lose my mind, Mallory disappeared into the make-up isle which I know will only make the grocery bill go up about an extra hundred bucks.... I am not sure where Amber is but I can only imagine that she is in the bakery taste testing anything not glued shut.

5:15pm - The cart is full of make-up (From Mallory) and junk food (From Amber), my hair is standing straight up and I am looking for the beer isle - I don't drink but I am considering the temporary habit to get me through this damn shopping trip.

5:20pm - I receive the items I sent Mallory to get while I got coffee. Mallory was asked to get "meat" I guess I should have been more specific because I didn't notice her put 2 packages of STEAK, a package of Salmon, some shrimp and a couple of filet mignon's in the cart.

5:30pm - We are in line and Mallory is filling the cart with magazines from the rack (all consisting of the same crap - BRITNEY SPEARS IS BALD. I try to ignore her as I am watching the amount of my grocery bill in shock. Amber is sneaking candy and gum onto the conveyer belt and I am choosing to ignore it.

5:30 and 30 seconds - Oh my god!! My grocery bill just reached $330.00......... I pay less than that a month to drive my Volvo...... I pay and leave the store, get in the car after an argument with Mallory that I wanted to drive because it is my car, I am her mother and I need to get home fast. Her response was "I can drive just as fast as you mom" - - that isn't comforting coming from a teenager.

So there it is- my reflection on why I was SO pissed off when I got home, put the groceries away and realized that we were going to have to eat the following: Gum, Candy, Magazines and make-u[ because the only other stuff we got was steak, shrimp and fish..... I guess we are now on the atkins diet because all we have is meat.


Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 2 - Blog

Sunday - Well par for my life, my husband Ron is home cooking and caring for the kids and I am sitting in a class clear across town learning about counseling children and adolescents. Wow - I couldn't have found a better wife (Ron).

I have some friends that have offered me some much needed cooking lessons in hopes of keeping my family out of the emergency room on my nights to cook. Kuddos to my dedicated pals!! I also owe a shout out to my friends Carrie and Marilyn - Happy Birthday ladies - I miss ya lots!!

Just a thought for parents - has anyone ever died from having a dirty bedroom or not making their bed?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Keeping in Touch

OK so I decided to join the decade and begin a blog since most of the communication in our group is now done this way.

Wow - things are tough for lots of people right now. You are ALL in my thoughts!!!!!

Things are going well - Amber spent the evening playing with handcuffs and a toy gun from my play therapy bag (Can you say someone needs some therapy). I finally had to stop the madness when she was shooting sticky darts at the cat....

OH My - a day in the life of a parent with a child that has issues.

Mallory is doing better at driving - we no longer need to wear helmets and neck-braces in the car.... there is hope.

Ron has been doing volunteer work for the elementary school (shhhh he doesn't want everyone to know). He is so awesome - we are coming up on our 5-12 year anniversary (5 officially, 12 illegally) you know what I mean...

Anyway - my love to all.