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Sunday, August 26, 2007

School, Bugars and The "White" Woman

OK so after 3 weekens in a row of school, a kid who has had to go to the doctor and the dentist in preparation for braces.... I am one tired mama...

The only entertaining piece of late is that I told Amber that once her braces were put on, she would have to cut up her food and eat it with a fork.... her reply "I have to eat my bugars with a fork?"........... After gagging for a few seconds and I am sure giving her that "I know you didn't just say that" look, I realized she meant "burgers".

Um gross...

I did have an interesting experience at 7-11 in Aurora, I was walking into the store and the cutest little black girl (I am guessing she was about 5 years old) had spilled a 64 oz big gulp of kool-aid on the floor, the store was busy and mom and daughter were laughing and good natured about the spill, but it was everywhere. So I offered to help clean it up and the little girl stopped cleaning it and looked up at me and said loudly "BUT YOU'RE WHITE", I didn't know what to say so I said "I am?"... She didn't know what to say so she stood up, crossed her arms and watched in amazment that a white woman was cleaning up her mess.

Her mother explained with embarassment that in her neighborhood, white people weren't nice to them, the only response I could muster was "I am not from your neighborhood and I am sorry".

I cannot believe that this crap still happens, or maybe I don't want to, but what an eye opener, for a white girl!!

Be kind to everyone folks - just one nice gesture could change a childs view of the world forever.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back to School

OK so now that all of us parents are BROKE, since the schools want "Crayola" instead of generic (you remember the black and white packages of generic items that our parents used to buy to end our social lives in elementary schools). School clothes which cost a lot and have NO ENOUGH material...... especially in the teen section. Good god...I though we were in the bathing suit section, not the teen clothing section. Although I did find some cute lingerie in the teen clothing section.... Mallory then told me it is a top not lingerie... I guess I will save myself some embarassment and just go naked...

Anyway, so Amber is getting braces in a couple of weeks and I cannot beleive how much money they want for 6 tiny little brackets and a wire....... I was trying to think how that could cost $3,200, I think I am going to ask if we can provide our own parts and just pay the dentist for labor...... After all I have a couple of brackets that fell off of my teeth when I had braces and I know we can super glue them to her teeth... I also have "Memory" wire for jewelry making and some pliers.. WHAT IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE...

Mallory's job is going well although her boss is a 24 year old control freak who thinks he rules the world because he manages a "Melt" store. They carry a lot of really cool things that nobody needs, like bath salt (If you are sweaty enough your sweat can turn a bath salty right?). They also have lots of lotion although when broke crisco works just like Eucerin (feels like it too). They also have face cleanser that causes zits..... apparently this is good????

Anyway, that is all for now... I need to go tend to my niece whose eyes appear like those of a pot head..... she has a nasty case of pink eye and is enjoying rubbing her eyes and touching things...... I am so glad the plague came to visit...... We love her lots, she is a super cool kid.........

Saturday, August 4, 2007

"Survivor Man" Ron & Coni Style

OH MY.... Only with my luck can something this awful take place. Ron and I split town for the weekend of camping and as you can tell since I am blogging on Saturday it didn't go so well!!!

We packed an airmattress and all the camping gear we could find and plenty of food for our big adventure in the mountains. We have never been camping together and the kids are gone so we set out Friday afternoon for a weekend of 4-wheeling and fun!

We got up to Georgia pass and made it about a mile in when we needed 4-Wheel drive, suddenly there was a loud "BANG, CLANK, BANG CLANK" right under my seat, it was raining biting cats and dogs but we stopped on the trail and Ron got out to take a look under the truck, I got out and came around to turn the steering wheel while he inspected and heard a "PSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" coming from the tire.

Soaking wet now, we decided that we needed to turn back to the lovely town of Como (Population 5) we managed to get a can of "Fix a flat" and realized that as long as we stayed out of 4-Wheel drive, the truck drove fine. We decided since we were already up in the mountains we would just find a campground on Boreas Pass since that trail doesn't require 4-Wheel drive. We found a beautiful campground and set up camp at 10,500 feet... We had a really good time in spite of our troubles until it started raining cats and biting dogs again......... We got into the back of the truck, the airmattress inflated and settled in to sleep for the night WRONG!!!!!!!

The airmattress doesn't quite fit in the back of the truck and was rubbing on the sides of the truck making a loud "PLTHB" sounds like a giant fart. As most of you know in the mountains EVERYTHING is so quiet.......... Except for our "farting mattress" that was loud enough to wake up the bears every time we moved. Then came the COLD............. we had a comforter and that was it (DUMB INEXPERIENCED CAMPERS). We were up all night waiting for sunlight, shivering in our multiple coats and smoking cigarettes to pass the time.

Of course smoking in an almost enclosed truck made us once again look like a version of "Cheech and Chong go Camping"... the smoke was billowing out from the inside and must have looked like the truck was on fire. We were also in bear country and the sign says to keep your food locked in your car (Check - did that), next line says "NOT where you are sleeping (UH, what if you are sleeping in the locked car). Luckily no Grizzlies came to say "Hello, give me a damn hot dog".

We decided to come home at 6:15am today after waiting 30 minutes for our camping percolator to produce the weakest coffee we have ever had - Why isn't there a Starbucks on Boreas Pass???

Anyway - Ron is hopeful that he can fix the truck easily - we expected that this might happen since we got that particular part very cheap and used - but hey, if it didn't break it would have been a great deal!!

We survived this adventure, I hope there is a less exciting one in our future!!!!!! Love you All...

PS. Mallory got a job at the "Melt" store at the mall - I am sure that will bring some interesting news............ Their biggest seller is "Fizzy Balls" which Mallory can't say with a straight face.....