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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Trannis, Limits and Kids

I love birthdays - they are a great excuse to see and talk to people that you love and miss!!

Update on the adults (or so we are called)
Ron - Ron has been working hard on his truck - He is so amazing!!! He changed out his transmission in his truck last weekend in 5 hours (by himself)... It kind of pissed me off because the last time I took a car to the shop for a transmission it took them a week and they charged me for 30 hours of labor (Oh and like $1,600). It is so exciting to see his project truck change like a transformer!

Me - Well, I hit my limit!! 22 hours awake in a 24 hour day does horrible things to your body and your brain... I was trying to drive home from work and I COULDN'T keep the car in the lane no matter how hard I tried. I was crying from exhaustion and pulled over to make a call that I HAD to make that morning and when they asked me for my phone number I couldn't remember it. I had drank so much coffee that I was shaking and it took me 3 tries to dial the phone. I made it most of the way home and realized I had missed to street to get to my house, so I turned at the next street right in front of a car... Luckily I made it home safe, slept and still have only regained limited functioning... THAT is what I call "Hitting your limit" or "Having your limit hit you".

The kids -

Amber - she is such a doll, she got another 5 green behavior cards at school this week, I am guessing due to one of the following:
She has worked really hard to stay out of trouble
The medication she is on is really working well
The fact that she has a substitute teacher that doesn't know about the behavior card system...

I am also wondering when Amber will get a sense of style if any. She is defying the odds of the color wheel in every way possible. Either she goes to school wearing Mallory's clothes which makes her look like the little girl off of the move Little Miss Sunshine OR she looks like a homeless kid with layers of clothes that don't match (I am talking like mint green, red and electric blue). In addition, we can't convince her to wear a bra and her little buds are shining through her clothes. We decided that working on her wearing deodorant was more of a priority than the bra since she smells like a busy day at the gym most of the time.

Mallory - she is doing so well, we have had a great week. She has been keeping herself in control and it feels like there is a new "aura" in the house... I find it amazing that just one person in the house improving their attitude can do for everyone!

Tyler - he is so quiet and sweet. It is hard for us sometimes because he prefers to spend time alone.... We are trying to get him more involved in the family but he just kind of goes his own way. Ideas?


Scylla said...

Woman! The first rule of friendship with me is No Dying!! Therefore the second rule should be no driving when so exhausted and caffeinated that you can hardly dial a phone number!!

I swear, if you break rule number one I will personally resurrect you and force you to watch the Teletubbies for eight straight days.

Please take better care of you.

I am glad things with the kids are going well. You might want to ask Tyler if there is any family activity he would like to participate in, and then have everyone else do it with him. That way he can share his interests with the family, which is a great way to be included.

Please give hugs all around. I am missing you all lately.

Cindy said...

Tyler enjoys board games with challenges to improve his self esteem. Try any game with everyone involved like Clue, etc.....Puzzles or war games with strategy:)
love Cindy