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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Recovery and Thanks

To all that have shown us love and support:

We cannot thank everyone enough for:
  • The love and kindness
  • The understanding without judgment
  • The meals and hugs
  • The babysitting & helping Amber and Tyler understand that we didn't all desert them
  • The kind comments that made us feel not alone

Things we appreciate and tend to get short tempered about (Not meant to sound bitchy):
  • People not saying "it was a cry for help" because it wasn't - she was ready to die...
  • People not telling us that her liver will heal - because it can't... this is progressive damage
  • Advice, right now we are following the professionals advice as they have dealt and learned from thousands of adolescents, if that doesn't work we will ask for advice...
  • People not saying that it was "just" pot - she has an uncontrollable addiction that led her to feel depressed and hopeless. If it wasn't pot it would have been something else. She has been putting the "pot band aid" on her wounds of depression.

In our world of hopeless health insurance they will not approve Mallory going into the 8 week residential treatment until (unless) she "fails" at intensive outpatient therapy - hopefully this time it will not end with additional permanent damage or death.

Mallory's restrictions when she comes home as set by her Doctor and Social Worker:
  • No cell phone (for at least 6 months and even then; no texting)
  • No Computer access without a parent actually watching (no MySpace, Facebook etc.)
  • No friends over without parents in the room
  • No phone calls without parents in the room
  • She cannot leave the house without parents or be left anywhere without sober responsible adults.
She cannot go to school - she will not pass this semester and will have to take online courses and will be transferring to a high school with 161 students next year.

Mallorys treatment:
Mallory will go to Individual Therapy for 1 hour per week
Mallory will get 6 hours of Substance Abuse Treatment per week
Mallory will get 3 hours per week of Family Substance Abuse Treatment per week
Mallory will have random UA's and BA's to monitor her sobriety

And all of this will take place in Louisville Colorado (Over an hour away from home).

How do we plan to manage all of this? Ron is asking work if he can work from home for 12 weeks. Family and friends are working toward having Mallory stay with them during the day here and there (She can work for free and be helpful around the house...), Her Dad is also willing to take her to work with him (unless it is at a construction site-for god sakes).

Mallory's car will be sold to pay all of the medical bills which are already mounting. Not counting her upcoming treatment which will cost approximately $1,000+ per month.

Life as we knew it will be much different now - but if it saves our baby's life - it is worth more than anything in this world. Oh - and as we said everything has changed we even shaved her cat!!

We look forward to Mallory's progression and will never seek to find perfection...

We love you all!

Coni, Ron, Mallory, Amber, Tyler and Barry

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Scylla said...

I am glad she is coming home! Hey Mallory!

Call me when you can Coni.