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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Things are very different - but great!!

OK - so it has been a while since blogging because things are hoppin! Here is the update:

The family - We have been having a fantastic time with the kids - we got an annual pass to the recreation center that has a huge pool and a great slide and diving boards. We are having a blast - Mallory and I are even working out while Ron, Tyler and Amber swim. We have been doing science projects at home as a family (not just the ones in the fridge). We have been growing crystals and planting an indoor garden. We also are amazed by our wonderful neighbors that feel like a second family. We do dinners together and frequently have cul-de-sac get-togethers that are just a blast. We feel so fortunate to be surrounded by such great people.

Mallory - She is meeting with her tutors this week, working hard on homework to pass the semester. She has her work cut out for her, but I am proud of her valiant efforts (without complaints). She is enjoying swimming as well - she does need a new swimsuit though - she has lost her top off of the diving board and her bottoms are practically see through... A couple of days a week she is working for my sister and brother in law - trying to save money to buy her own car since we have to sell hers to pay her medical bills. We would not be surviving this without them. They are such positive people and really have embraced the best of Mallory.

Amber - Amber is addicted to the water slide at the pool! It took 5 trips to the pool to get her to try it. Ron has an amazing relationship with her and has encouraged her to do some scary things (the water slide). AMBER EVEN JUMPED OFF THE DIVING BOARD! This is the kid that won't even ride a bike because it is too scary... Amber is blooming into a great little gal - she is excited to start volleyball again this season, swimming 3+ times per week, field trips every Friday this summer at camp and more.

Tyler - WOW! He is doing so well at school we couldn't be more proud. He plays outside with Amber everyday and has been enjoying his new motorized scooter. He is even attending school when he doesn't have to for extra credit. He did burn his arm in auto shop today on a motor - but he is fine. He amazes us every time he does his chores without being told, homework without being asked and just being a great kid all the way around.

Ron - Again WOW! I feel so fortunate to have Ron, he has embraced the kids like a Dad should. He is there to encourage them to do scary things, take them to appointments and love them in general. He is working a lot and keeping the house together while I am gone.

Me - I am in the middle of my statistics class, doing my internship which is going very well and work which is crazier than ever (of course - it is a mental hospital, so I guess it is normal.)

All in all - life is good amidst chaos...

Love you all!!

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Dana said...

We love you guys and would do anything for you! We are so amazed by your positive attitude and your energy level! You're the best neighbors we could have ever asked for:)

Love ya,
The Ackerman's